Blog Commenting for Traffic

by admin on February 17, 2016

Thinking man silhouette with thought colorful bubblesIf you’re familiar at all with link building, then you already know that high quality backlinks can be hard to obtain. 

You might hear people say… 

“Just write super, high quality content and people will naturally start backlinking to you”. 

That advice is all well and good – but it’s not exactly within our control as internet marketers.  I don’t want to just build awesome stuff and wait around for someone to take notice.  

I want to take initiative and start bringing the traffic to my site on my own timeline.

So, a very simple way to start building links is with high quality blog commenting.

I emphasize “high quality” because as with anything marketing related – there’s a right and a wrong way to do it.

I’ve outsourced my blog commenting tasks at this point, overseas.  

However, I’ve made sure to document the correct way to blog comment in a training video that I show all my contractors before they run off and start building links.

I’m going to share that video with you here:

You can follow the instructions and start blog commenting on your own OR feel free to use this video to train your own outsourced employees.

Either way, this blog commenting training video should set you off on the right path to building backlinks that are relevant, consistent and helpful in nature.

Blog Commenting Training Video

Talk Soon,
– Jason


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